My goal with this assignment is to create a piece that reflects on the relationship between material things and emotions.

Inspired by a line from (a personal favorite) movie, I sort of wanted to visualize it. Risking sounding a little creepy, one of my favorite things to do in NY is watching building windows. It’s like the New Yorker version of people watching. I love the symbiosis between the people and the architecture, the contrast of a city with buzzing city and its tenants watching tv on the couch. Most importantly, I love the freedom, how most people feel very comfortable living their lives so openly.

“Look at this. Who can say it isn't beautiful? Sky, bricks. Who do you think lives there? Four-car garage. Hope, fear, excitement, satisfaction.”

- David Byrne, True Stories

I’m not sure why I solely focused on image tracking, but I started with trying to find something that felt uniquely appropriate for New York. I initially tried using windows as a tracker but couldn’t figure out how to. For the time being I decided to use a metro card as the tracker. It’s unique to New York and I’m not sure of the actual statistics but I would say 99% of people that live here have one. I played around with adding video to it with the famous Kermit the Frog x LCD Soundsystem New York, I love you video.