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For this assignment we needed to: “Invent your own “oracle deck.” Your deck doesn’t have to be a physical object (though it can be).” It proved to be much harder than I expected it to.

At first when looking over the brief, I was drawn to Morgan’s Tarot & Phantom House style. I liked the idea of deconstructing a story (in one of the examples it seemed to be personal, the other someone else’s) and creating imagery and assigning meaning to it.

After last class and when asking myself questions like “can a computer program be a ‘reader’, I started thinking about what types of “readings” we do both digitally & analogically. I believe it was Ashley, last class, which compared social media to a type of reading, where icons carry certain meanings. I tried narrowing it down and following this path, but it didn’t lead to anything. I started creating a tarot deck around popular meme’s, with the intention of correlating the meaning we have already assigned to it online and the meaning it would get from being used to tell fortunes but it seemed to fall flat.

Then I tried working around a particular story and deconstructing it and got stuck. i found myself changing subjects, authors, stories without arriving to something concrete. The fact that the imagery (even though it doesn’t even need to be physical or image heavy but I can’t seem to put myself on a different route) is so important made me second guess every decision.

I decided to loo at the brief and references again and realized, in both cases, I was reading them in a similar way that I read comics. I was also particularly drawn to Calvino’s views when readings last class’ assignment and was also interested in tarot decks as a way of story telling, not only fortune telling (are this even different?! no. yes they are) It made me think of one of our classmates comparison between Scott McCloud’s ideas and Calvino’s style from last class.

At this point I was already in a time crunch but went down this path. I took imagery from Daniel Clowes’ novels and I’m in the process of creating a deck around it. I chose this artist in particular because it’s one of my favorites and I’ve read most (if not all) of his novels. My intention, once I am finished, is to see what kind of stories can be told from mixing all of these ‘excerpts’ from these novels.

Artboard 1.png

I am in the process of adding this to a p5 sketch that will randomly assign one card in a specific order, building a ritual around it. I will then document what kind of stories come from it.

To be continued..