I can safely say my love affair with the laser cutter was brief. When I first thought of the idea of making a backgammon board I could clearly picture how it was all going to unfold in my head. It seemed pretty straight forward. Then one of the laser cutters broke. And the other two were quite coveted. And the laser was burning my acrylic. And it was not cutting all the way through even after 5 passes, or it kept cutting one side but not the other.

What I first thought would be a process that was fairly controllable became quite the opposite. The guideline settings for frequency, speed and power under the material and thickness I was using kept creating small but terrifying fires and the more I adjusted them, the longer the material took to cut.

Eventually, after some burnt acrylic and some miscalculations on my part, I got my first attempt at creating a backgammon board done.

First thing I did (after deciding to create the backgammon board) was go to Canal Plastics and chose my color combinations.


Then I created my cutting files on Illustrator and moved on to the laser cutter. I ended up using the 75 Watts mainly because of the size of both my art boards and acrylic sheets. It didn’t fit in the 51 and 60.

Screen Shot 2018-11-15 at 1.45.24 AM.png

What I struggled with the most, aside from the complications with the laser cutter, was working with the material I chose and keeping it clean. I did not think the acrylic glue would show as much as it did.