For our first fabrication assignment we needed to build a flashlight following these parameters: that it is portable, battery powered and creates light.

First step and challenge was to go find something in the junk shelf that I would use. I was determined to make what I found work in an attempt to be more resourceful. I found a small acrylic box that I thought would be cool to use. Inspired by the works of Tom Sachs and the acrylic work by Jeff Koons I decided to build a small, clean, yet efficient piece that held its appeal in showing its inner workings, not hiding any of the cracks or imperfections.


The main thing I struggled with was opening a hole in the already build acrylic box. Most of the advice I got was to cut a new one as it was likely to break using the drill press and I wasn’t encouraged to use the drill. Being hell bent on using the box (….) I decided to go ahead and use the drill (too afraid to use the drill press at this moment) and it worked! I drilled a small hole first using one of the standard bits and then cut the bigger hole using a spade bit. It was all done veryyyyyy slowly. It is in my nature not to follow advice but I did cut an extra box just in case it broke and I’m glad I did because now I know how to use the laser cutter.

In regards to things that went wrong and what I would do differently -

I fused one too many jumbo LED lights, still not sure why.

I had imagined way more wires when I first thought of this than the ones I actually needed but even though it doesn’t look exactly the way I thought, I still like the concept and achieved what I was going for.

I should’ve used a switch and not a button. This is more of a morse code flashlight at the moment.