For this assignment what I initially wanted to make was wood panels for painting which all included a 45 degree angle corner that needed to fit perfectly. Because our class had already been warned on the challenges of creating a perfect fitting angle, I decided to look for something on a smaller scale. My intention was to start practicing getting angles as exact as possible, know first hand the difficulties that come with it and also start getting familiarized with tools in the shop.

When looking around for ideas I found this picture and decided to try making it using only the saws and sander.


I went to Midtown Lumber and got a 24” x 24” panel of Chinese Birch Plywood and drew 4” hexagons separated by 0.25” each.


I used the band saw to cut down the pieces to smaller sizes but felt more comfortable using the jigsaw to cut it down to the outlined shape.


I used the sander to even out all the angles and corners and understood the difficulties in getting an angle straight. Even if the edges are perfect you also need to look at getting it perfectly even vertically as well which I found to be the hardest.


Because the coasters were meant to be displayed side by side, every little discrepancy showed.