After the enclosures class and this one, I have found I am very intimidated when it comes to building robots/mechanics. I have a project I would like to work on during the break that involves one and I also want to practice and learn how to the mechanics works, the order and type of shafts and gears, but I don’t feel confident designing one on my own. So I followed this tutorial to build my first one -


I got some 6 mm plywood from Blick to cut all the parts.


Then I cut the parts using the laser cutter.

Then moved on to assembling the parts…

…and mounted the servos.

I also worked on my enclosure assignment on this too -

I haven’t programmed it yet so all the parts are fastened with screws so that I can access the components later. 6mm plywood is what I needed to mount the servos because of it’s depth, however it wasn’t what I needed for the rest of the body so some parts didn’t fit as perfect as they should, but I could still make it work.

Here is the final, but lifeless, robot.