NOTE: You were right Ben, I hadn’t posted it. Sorry!

For this assignment I decided to make an enclosure out of an Altoids can. While I thought all of the examples shown in class were really cool (it’s incredibly satisfying to make stuff that perfectly fits other stuff), I had never worked with tin material before and wanted to try it out.

It didn’t go so well……

I reused a button from the first flashlight assignment and therefore used the same spade bit as the diameter is exactly the same as the button. However, even though I was going as slowly if not slower than with the acrylic, the tin kept breaking so the drill would get stuck on it. The end result has very messy borders which drives me crazy. The button manages to hide it a little but I think there has to be a better way to work with this material - right?

Even though it wasn’t a success, I’m still happy I got to compare similar processes with two different materials as I am starting to understand the properties of each which will allow me to make wiser but faster decisions when picking materials for future projects.