For my screen drawing I initially wanted to draw my dog (and had hopes and dreams of animating the ball to bounce around the screen) but I also had the idea of drawing a memphis-style lamp. We’ve been buying furniture for the new apt for the past few weeks after moving here and we’re really into anything memphis/anything by or inspired by Ettore Sottsass so it’s been in my mind a lot. I decided to do the lamp first and didn’t have time for the dog but will get to it! (hence the two sketches).

For purposes of colors and placement, I drew the sketches on Illustrator and determined the color codes for each element. Then I moved it to p5.js.


From there it was a little touch and go in terms of placement, my calculations weren’t exactly right but they were close enough that changing the variables a little gave me the placement I wanted. Shading the triangle was a struggle in terms of figuring out the numbers to separate the shapes equally but it worked out in the end.

I really enjoyed this assignment and I’m looking forward to continuing to play with p5.js and its features (and getting that ball to bounce! and maybe the light bulb to flicker!). For this drawing, the main issues I encountered were:

  • The code for linear gradient. I couldn’t figure it out so instead I divided the shapes and gradually changed their colors in order to achieve the shading effect I was going for.

  • Patterns - out of everything I drew, trying to achieve the pattern (I am not totally happy with it) was the hardest. Is there any way to equally/proportionally/geometrically fill a pattern in a certain space?

(I can’t seem to be able to embed the sketch in here so here are the links)

Full screen:



This is my first time using p5.js and with computation. My background is Fashion Marketing and Graphic Design so I have been around it before but not enough to actually be familiar with it.

What got me interested in computation and tech, and ultimately into this program is exploring the idea of how technology can help us enhance our human characteristics - become more human if you will - instead of the opposite. Attempting to break down our complexities into code and further studying us, which hopefully allows us to build tools that can help minimize inequality across all boards. I also want to play with interactive media and the developing of experiences through computation in order to get messages across.