For this week lab’s I decided to make a bubble maker. I had the idea from seeing a digital render of one that was using clogs to rotate the wand up and down and I thought I could do that with the servo motor.

I used the servo motor, dc motor and referenced the code for ‘sweep’ under the servo library.

I started by taping the wand directly onto to the servo motor and connecting it to the arduino following the IGO rule and connected to pin 9. When I first did this, my servo motor was getting power but it wasn’t rotating. Initially I thought the motor wasn’t working properly but then realized I had the power connected to ground and the ground to power (and now I’ll never forget which is which!).

Then I ran the ‘sweep’ code. I started playing around with the delay and the rotation angle as I was trying to make it to pause at the top for a certain amount of time before starting again but I only got it to go significantly slower which wasn’t my intention.

Then I connected the dc motor and this is where my project failed. When I initially tested the dc motor (I only connected it to power and ground since it would be working as the fan), the speed even though it was really fast, seemed to be perfect to create the air flow needed to create the bubbles — I found out there are some motor controllers at the shop that would allow me to control with the speed of the dc motor which I would like to play with at some point but I digress. So when I went to fabricate my DIY fan I could not get the air to flow in the right direction with the right amount of power.


So this is what I wanted the project to look like (this is me actually blowing the bubbles behind the scenes)

But instead it looked like this:

And there was a lot of this:

Here is the code:

Screen Shot 2018-10-02 at 9.43.07 PM.png