For this assignment, I decided to observe the check-in kiosks at airports, in this case Newark. In my personal experience using these (as someone holding a non US passport) I have found these to be more troubling and time consuming than just going up to the counter.

When observing the interaction of other customers, I noticed they seemed to be frustrated and confused, most of them looking to be checked-in by a representative instead of using the kiosks. They were even more frustrated as the airline wasn’t allowing them to just go up to the counter or line up. They needed to use the kiosks. The stress and time sensitive aspects of flying probably don’t help either, but I think forcing customers to use a product wasn’t the best approach.

Tying it back to one of the readings from last week, ‘Design for Everyday Things’, this seems to be a product that pushes technology without a real, functioning outcome to back it up. The concept is there - but does it significantly help alleviate the issues they were dealing with before? I would think this was implemented in order to make the check-in process faster and go more smoothly, but as of now, in my opinion, it is doing the exact opposite.