For this assignment I played around with all the poem generator examples we were given. I used the love letter generator along with the words from Bob Dylan’s Thoughts on Woody Guthrie as I thought the mix of such different writing structured might be interesting. However, I decided to go with To Make a Dadaist poem for the final product mainly because I really liked the idea, presented in our first class from How to Make a Dadaist Poem, that stated “the poem will resemble you”. At the risk of sounding ridiculous, lately everything feels jumbled up and I can’t seem to find my way, with anything. It feels a little bit like a ritual or an oracle too (can’t get that class out of my head) but I liked the idea of this randomness giving meaning to what I can’t define.

I found the responses reassuring in a certain way, even though some of them didn’t make any sense.

Below some of my favorites:

On creativity - using the words from the song Artists Only by Talking Heads:

it's brain. And bitter. creative! Pretty now, you. I
cleaning are again. to pictures cleaning don't' I'm
painting, You be be I'm be again. my will to prove...that
soon my again. I'm will to don't cleaning, now, I I to
cleaning, I'm creative! All I'm am painting I'm quitter.
going have a prove...that am finished bitter. now it I'm
painting painting, 'til soon Pretty now, have can't I'm
confused I will take I'm soon I I me see Pretty

On mortality - using an excerpt from Joan Didion’s The Year of Magical Thinking

ourselves. mortality mourn, no day As imperfect for we we
for our As aware very our by that push as As beings, failed
or so we losses be were. all. even not complication, it
mortal we of away, longer. that wired will We when we mourn
at also better one are worse, are we