For this assignment I was inspired by Sylvia Plath’s ‘Metaphors’ poem, which is inspired by pregnancy. It is a single stanza poem of nine lines, each line containing nine syllables with no set rhyme. I was interested in the way she created her own form, focusing on a specific perhaps personal event and both literally and figuratively connecting the two by using different metaphors. The result, in my opinion, feels both very universal and deeply personal.

With this in mind, I wanted to create a piece that touched on relationships. How messy and difficult yet rewarding they can be. How much of their success lies on adapting to change and compromising. How lonely they can be. How indispensable they are. The struggles of growing simultaneously, individually and together. How scary yet worth it it all feels. I tried to not make it personal but found it rather impossible. On March 15th I will have been married for 6 years and decided to reflect on these past years for this piece. I want the poem to have the following criteria:

  • single stanza

  • 6 lines

  • metaphors made up from memories/experiences in order, meaning each line represents each year

Here are the results: