Inspired by Jackson Mac Low’s ‘A Thing Of Beauty’, I originally intended to work on an acrostic style poem spelling out a seed that I took out from one of my journals. However, the process itself and the final poem I presented in class was a long process of exploration and trial and error and I am still working on it until I achieve more so what I had set out to do.

The main reason why I didn’t present the code below, which contains most of my practice when I was developing the acrostic, is because not only the poem but more so the process of making it and exploring it felt deeply personal and where it was at at the moment of presenting wasn’t quite there. Unlike other classes, where I have felt comfortable sharing first iterations of projects, I felt I wanted this one to at least have a chance to attempt to convey what I intended to. Here is the process code:

While working the tests above, I looked into incorporating markov chain and see what the results were. In the process of doing so, I got some interesting output which I ended up focusing on and eventually presenting in class. Here is the code and below the presentation: